Blackberry Connect 4.0 and HTC Tilt/Kaiser

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If you are using HTC Tytn II/Kaiser/Tilt, and running one of the custom ROMs by Duttythroy, a solution has been posted the xda-developers to make Blackberry Connect work with Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1

Read all about it at

I tried it with my HTC Touch Cruise/Polaris and unfortunately it didn't work :(

Posted 2/27/2008 3:00:00 AM @ 09:28:00 | Smartphones/Pocket PC



The link above doesn't seem to be working. Any clues ?


Posted by hchickers on 2/27/2008 3:00:00 AM

Apparently, my blog software makes the link lower caps, where as the link is case sensitive. So I removed the link and put the URL. That should do the trick :)

Posted by Sems on 2/28/2008 3:00:00 AM


Posted by JM on 3/11/2008 3:00:00 AM

I'm in the same sort of boat. I just dumped my World Edition BBerry from verizon for a WM6 xv6900. Can't seem to get any version of the BBerry connect software to work.

has anyone gotten this to work? Fro the many searches I've done on this forum, there is no solution yet available for the BlackBerry Connect and the xv6900 for Verizon.

Any studs out there think they can get it working?

Posted by BBerry Connect Blues (email) on 10/30/2008 3:00:00 AM

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