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Sonicwall registration errors

Recently, I was trying to register a Sonicwall TZ100 unit, however it will fail with an error message: 'Connection Failure - SSL negotiation with the license manager server has failed. This could be caused by an ...
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OpenMediaVault and Plex Media Server

This weekend, I found out that my raidz was created with 3 drives on Freenas and when I tried to add a new drive, found out the only way is to backup, destroy raid, build ...
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Little VBScript to continously ping a host with timestamp/log

Run from command line (after saving file as ping test.vbs)cscript pingtest.vbs iptoping logfilenameIt will continuously run till you hit Ctrl+C to break it... Very useful for network testing. hostIp      = wscript.arguments(0) logfilename = wscript.arguments(1) Set fso     = CreateObject('Scripting.FileSystemObject') Set ...
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Sugarsync Crash on Mac OS X 10.7 – Lion

Yesterday, Sugarsync prompted me to install an update. After installation, it complained parts of it was installed separately and refused to run. I uninstalled it via /Applications/SugarSync\ Then I did a fresh install. Still no luck, ...
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Revamping the site

It was about time to change from old blog system, which is no longer supported. So, welcome to new software and design. I am keeping the old links up, but eventually will remove them. If ...
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