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Blackberry Connect 4.0 Downloads

I thought this might come handy, as there is several blog posts on Blackberry Connect (Updated October, 2008) Windows Mobile 5 Phone / Windows Mobile 6 Pro: * New Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone / Windows Mobile 6 ...
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More on Skype for Asterisk

Today at Astricon 2008, Mark Spencer (from Digium) and Stefan Öberg (Vice President and General Manager of Telecom for Skype) dropped the bomb. 'Skype for Asterisk' (Here is the cool looking pin distributed after the ...
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Iphone 3G Baby

Yesterday, after waiting 7.5 hours in total, I got my 3G Iphone from Rogers. I have to congratulate both Rogers and Apple for so NOT being prepared for the launch. Both companies activation systems went ...
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